Using Gen AI for Pre-Purchase Questions

30 Jan 2024

32 min video

You will learn how to:
Train AI chatbot using help articles, FAQs, and product descriptions
Incorporate technical information for comprehensive understanding
Provide concise and personalized responses to customer inquiries

What’s a better experience for a customer? Sending them a link to a help article which may answer their question, or summarising and answering the question there and then?

At DigitalGenius, we think answering questions is better, so we’ve embraced generative AI to help retailers to answer  pre-purchase questions instantaneously.

And we’re delighted to be joined by Thomas Staudte, Head of Customer Engagement at air up®  to discuss how they are using generative AI to create a natural dialogue  and to generate “wow moments” with customers.

In the webinar, we show you how you can train an AI chatbot with help articles, FAQs, product descriptions, and technical information to answer customer questions in a concise and personalised way.