How to Retain Customers during an Economic Downturn

2 Feb 2022

45 min video

Key points discussed:
The latest CX trends in eCommerce
How to optimise your customer services to retain your customers
How to reduce some of your operational costs

After two challenging years, retailers are facing once more a period of high uncertainty. The economic downturn is having a big impact on customers’ priorities, expectations and needs which is directly affecting the performance of brands today and beyond 2022.

How can you prepare your brand to respond efficiently and effectively to customers’ behavioural changes during economically challenging times whilst remaining profitable?

How to offer your customers the best experience and service?

Jonathan George, Director of Contact Centre Operation at Holland & Barrett and Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist at CXC talked with Chris Kellner about the upcoming trends impacting CX for eCommerce and provided some tips to retain customers with amazing customer services.