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Support tickets regarding queries like “Where is my order?” are always an issue for eCommerce customer service teams. Given the supply chain problems the industry has experienced in recent months, this scenario might look familiar to you: Your customer orders one of your products. On your website and in the confirmation email the estimated delivery […]


Owing to both the after-effects of Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, many eCommerce (and retailers) businesses have experienced serious supply chain disruptions. With customer demand for eCommerce products only increasing year on year, smooth supply chain management is critical for stakeholders and your business’s bottom line.  Image source: Statista So what kind of supply chain […]


When you hear the term “artificial intelligence”, chances are your mind turns to films like iRobot, Blade Runner, or maybe real people like Elon Musk. How long would it take for you to consider “customer service”?  The truth is, companies have been using artificial intelligence with various applications for decades now. In fact, 22% of […]


Technology “of the future” that previous generations wrote about in science fiction books and movies is here with us now. Yes, even flying cars. However, one example of advanced technology that might seem simple to us now is the humble chatbot. These days 23% of customer service organisations are already using AI chatbots in some […]


Customers buy products and services, but what makes up this end-to-end process? Traditionally, customers become aware that they have a problem to solve. They then research and consider the options available to them, and based on these options, they decide on a product or service and commit to a purchase.  But we live in a […]


If you have seasonal volume (e-commerce customer service teams: we’re talking to you), it can be difficult to offer a consistent level of service at peak times. It’s not possible to snap your fingers to grow and shrink your team at will. Hiring and training new customer service agents take time, and even if you […]


5 Strategies your e-commerce business can improve customer conversion, right now! Learn from detailed Case Studies from some of the worlds most innovative e-commerce companies 


Learn how AI can help your business provide excellent customer service, even in times of uncertainty


Leverage the full potential of AI, automations and integrations for Customer Services, without losing the personal touch


Leverage the full potential of AI, automations and integrations for Customer Services, without losing the personal touch


Leverage the full potential of AI, automations and integrations for Customer Services, without losing the personal touch


Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity for either chaos or connection. When the customer service department is well prepared, they can deliver a smooth customer experience that makes customers think “oh, that was easy!”

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Here's how we at DigitalGenius get our OWN customers up and running, and ensure that they're using the most secure and scalable customer service automation platform in the industry.


On, which manufactures a line of athletic and running shoes, wanted to show its support for medical...


When Swiss running shoe business On created a 50% discount voucher for health care workers, its ad-hoc offer quickly went viral and the company soon found itself overwhelmed.


DigitalGenius, a fledgling artificial intelligence (AI) startup that’s setting out to automate many facets of customer service


Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has implemented the DigitalGenius artificial intelligence (AI) solution in its Salesforce Service Cloud to speed up its customer service operation.


Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has implemented the DigitalGenius artificial intelligence (AI) solution in its Salesforce Service Cloud to speed up its customer service operation.

General Questions

What does DigitalGenius do?

DigitalGenius is an AI-powered automation platform that puts your customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands your customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolutions through APIs that connect seamlessly to your own backend systems. This is the practical application of AI that delivers the concrete ROI you’ve been waiting for.

The DigitalGenius AI platform is used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Perfume Shop, Air France and other forward-looking businesses to improve their operations through the use of practical, AI-powered customer service automation.

How does DigitalGenius work?

The DigitalGenius customer service automation platform works to make the lives of both agents and customers easier, while helping businesses reduce their costs.

The platform integrates with your existing CRM, and allows for fast, effective end-to-end resolution of customer inquiries through deep learning and open APIs.

The two main modes of the platform are CoPilot and AutoPilot. CoPilot uses AI to assist agents, and AutoPilot fully resolves customer support cases, even when they involve multiple backend systems. all of this is managed through the DigitalGenius Control Center, which provides an analytics dashboard and the ability to fully control your automations.

Are you a chatbot? How are you different from a chatbot?

DigitalGenius is not a chatbot. We actually did build some of the first chatbots over four years ago, and we’ve learned a lot since then about applying machine learning and process automation toward solving the most painful customer service problems.

We believe that chatbots can be useful in some very limited scenarios, but if you’re looking to them as anything more than just another channel for extremely simple, guided queries or appointment setting, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Our platform instead is purpose-built to understand your customers, in any language, across text-based channels, and to fully resolve the most repetitive and process-driven queries in your contact center. Once queries become complex, our platform easily hands them off straight to an agent, without delay or unnecessary repetition.

How do I use DigitalGenius in my customer support organization?

DigitalGenius is installed as an app into your existing customer service software (Salesforce, Zendesk and others). We will take you through a seamless onboarding experience that identifies your most expensive & repetitive tickets; connects your CRM to our AI platform; then trains and deploys your first AI model.

Once DigitalGenius is configured and the model is trained, you can onboard your agents, and begin automating inbound queries end-to-end; assist agents to handle tickets faster, therefore reducing AHT; support increasing volumes, and open up new communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and SMS.

What is conversational process automation?

Conversational process automation, or CPA, uses AI to connect the conversations you’re having with your customers with the back-end processes used to resolve them. It allows repetitive customer queries such as refund requests, order status inquiries, cancellations and more to be resolved in full, without agent involvement – even when additional third-party systems such as billing or payment processing are part of the resolution process.

A problem that adds costs to the contact center is that tickets often require information and actions from multiple systems to resolve them. This usually includes a minimum of their CRM and at least one back-end system to do things such as process refunds, enable cancellations or validate accounts. Agents therefore are forced to “swivel chair” from their ticket management system to another back-end system to resolve the case. This adds time and cost to resolving each ticket.

Because the DigitalGenius AI engine is powered by APIs, it can seamlessly connect the intent of the customer to the back-end systems required for case resolution, without agent involvement.

What the contact center manager sees in their CRM and in the DigitalGenius dashboard are automatically resolved tickets with corresponding CSAT scores, which are typically much higher than they were before. A typical comment our customers see today is “Wow, that was really fast!”.

How much does DigitalGenius cost?

We provide a proven, scalable customer service automation platform for businesses, with the ability to add value-based, end-to-end automations of repetitive and expensive tickets on top of the base platform.

Our Professional version starts at $5,000 per month. We have an Enterprise version as well, for larger customer support organizations. Both allow for the ability to add unlimited AutoPilot end-to-end automated resolutions, on top of the platform base fee, with AutoPilot priced on per-resolution basis.

Check out our Pricing page for more information.

What languages do you support?

DigitalGenius can support any languages that your customers speak! We currently are supporting over 20 languages for our customers, and are adding more all the time.

Getting Started with DigitalGenius

How do I know if my company is a good fit for AI and Customer Service Automation?

Adding a layer of AI into your customer support operations is a journey, but it’s not for everyone. While DigitalGenius supports a wide variety of use cases, we want to make sure there is a good fit for your business, your agents and your customers.

If your customer service team has a large amount of inbound, text-based tickets; if you have 10 agents or more; AND if you’re experiencing repetitive queries and processes – chances are that DigitalGenius can not only reduce your costs, but will also help make customer service a competitive advantage for your business.

How does a company measure the value of DigitalGenius?

Companies tend to use different measures of success, but our customers generally measure the success of DigitalGenius by these metrics:

Cost savings in the contact center
Reductions in AHT, FCR, FRT – as well as reduction in ticket backlog
Increases in CSAT and NPS
Decreased personnel/hiring costs
Increase in first-touch resolution
Our Customer Stories give some excellent examples of how we’ve helped our customers in these areas.

Which CRMs and third-party systems do you work with?

DigitalGenius has grown from supporting Salesforce and Zendesk to being completely open and able to integrate to any Agent Console or CRM, (including ServiceNow, Oracle, SAP, Genesys and others), as well as industry-specific systems such as Sabre & Amadeus (airline/travel); Shopify & Magento (eCommerce), and many more.

How long does it take to turn DigitalGenius on?

Our delivery team will roll out a well-calibrated project approach from kick-off to deployment. An implementation can last from 1 month for CoPilot for Zendesk, to 5 months for more complex Enterprise-level CoPilot or AutoPilot integrations. As a result, our experienced professional services team is highly adaptable depending upon the type of project and governance required.

How do I get started?

Let us do the heavy lifting! We want to learn about you, the challenges you’re facing in customer service, and then determine if we’re the right choice for your business. Give us 30 minutes, and we can definitely answer the question.

If we uncover that there’s a mutual fit, we’ll take you through a deeper review of our product, validate an AI match and provide you with a roadmap of what it will take to go live, plus pricing, an implementation plan and a full ROI calculation.

Want to come on an AI-powered automation journey with us? Let’s talk.


Is DigitalGenius GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. We have a DPA available on demand, and our privacy statement is here.

Where is the DigitalGenius service hosted?

Our AI platform is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany and in Oregon, with integration apps/plugins for Salesforce and Zendesk.


I’m a consultant or systems integrator — how can I resell your product?

We work with a variety of systems integrators and consultants, and we’d love to talk with you. Please get in touch here, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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