Maximising Efficiency: Key Ticket Deflection Strategies

2 Jan 2024

5 min read

Ever felt like you're drowning in a sea of customer queries? As if every email, call, or chat is another wave crashing over your head?

You're not alone.

In today's customer service climate, it's a familiar scenario. But what if I told you there's a lifeboat ready to pull you out of those turbulent waters?

The lifeboat is called "Ticket Deflection". We've explained before about why ticket deflection is a term that has its problems (personally we prefer to split it into Ticket Prevention and Ticket Resolution), but there is still value there, so we'll still use the term.

We'll explore everything from AI chatbots slashing support tickets by half instantly to building comprehensive knowledge bases that let customers find answers independently. By the end, you'll be well-equipped with tactics proven effective for boosting ticket deflection rates!

Our journey kicks off right here. Are you prepared to embark on this exciting navigation adventure with us?

The Importance of Ticket Deflection in Customer Service

Ticket deflection plays a crucial role in customer service. It's not just about reducing the workload for your support team, but also giving customers instant answers to their questions.

Did you know that 62% of shoppers prefer using a chatbot over waiting for an agent? That's because it saves them time and hassle.

Understanding Ticket Deflection

In simple terms, ticket deflection is when customers find solutions on their own without needing to ask for help from a human agent. This could be through FAQs, knowledge bases or AI-powered chatbots.

The Role of AI Chatbots in Ticket Deflection

A good AI chatbot isn't just fast - it’s also accurate. The best ones have free text fields, and use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the intent within the customer's question in order to answer it correctly. The bad ones have a limited number of buttons and try to funnel you down a particular channel.

Add generative AI (the AI technology that ChatGPT and other services are built on) and your chatbot can answer the same question with subtly different wording, can summarise large quantities of text (such as FAQ pages), and even translate answers into multiple languages.

When it comes to ticket deflection, this use of AI chatbots is essentially like plugging in a superhuman agent into your knowledge base. One that can understand all the relevant product details, all of your shipping and returns policies, and so on. Essentially if you can write it down, the chatbot can know it.

When an AI chatbot is layered on top of this kind of knowledge base, it can be incredibly helpful to customers by giving them quick answers and saving them looking through countless documents and small print to find the relevant information.

Strategies to Increase Ticket Deflection

To boost ticket deflection, the first port of call is creating a comprehensive knowledge base. A well-structured and accessible resource can help customers find solutions on their own. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces incoming support tickets.

Building a Comprehensive Knowledge Base

A good knowledge base should be easy to navigate, with clearly labelled categories and search functions. The content should be composed in plain language so that even those without any technical understanding can comprehend it.

HubSpot's Service Desk Software, for example, allows you to build an interactive FAQ section within your website or app which helps in resolving common questions quickly.

Identifying Common Questions and Providing Preemptive Answers

The second strategy involves identifying frequently asked questions (FAQs) and providing answers proactively. This requires analysing past interactions with customers to spot patterns or recurring issues.

You might discover certain products have more queries associated with them; addressing these head-on could significantly cut down on future tickets.


The Impact of Multilingual Support and Personalized Content on Ticket Deflection

Stepping up your customer service game with multilingual support can be a ticket deflection lifesaver. But why? Imagine being in a foreign country, struggling to ask for directions. Visualise having a person on hand who could converse with you in your mother tongue, making the task of obtaining guidance much simpler.

McKinsey's insights reveal that businesses offering multilingual support see fewer tickets because customers get their answers faster and more accurately. It’s like having an army of interpreters at the ready.

Offering Multilingual Support

If you want to boost your ticket deflection rates, don't just stick to English; try adding Spanish or Mandarin too. According to CSA Research, 74% of consumers are more likely to repurchase when after-sales care is offered in their language.

The Role of Personalized Content in Ticket Deflection

Besides going multilingual, personalized content also plays a big part in deflecting tickets effectively. Let's say one customer loves football while another prefers ballet – giving them both the same generic advice won’t cut it.

A study by Evergage found that 98% of marketers reported a noticeable lift in engagement when using personalized content. So, if you want to make your customers feel special while also keeping ticket numbers down, it’s time to get personal.

Chatbot Implementation Strategies for Effective Ticket Deflection

To boost your deflection rates, it’s vital to use strategies tailored to your business needs and customer preferences. Remember – one size doesn’t fit all here.

An effective strategy could be developing proactive outreach mechanisms or ensuring omnichannel support across multiple platforms. This approach lets you reach out before customers even ask for help and cater to their preferred mode of interaction.


Mastering ticket deflection strategies isn't a walk in the park...but it's achievable.

You've learned how crucial they are for easing your customer service workload and boosting satisfaction.

AI chatbots, remember them? They're game-changers - slashing support tickets by half instantly!

A comprehensive knowledge base empowers customers to find answers independently, driving up those all-important deflection rates.

Let's not forget multilingual support and personalised content either - key ingredients to connect with diverse audiences effectively.

Your journey doesn't end here though...

Dive deeper into these techniques, adapt them to your business needs, start experimenting today! Remember: every query you deflect is one step closer towards greater efficiency and happier customers. Good luck on your ongoing adventure with ticket deflection strategies!