Why you should automate customer support: a human-centric approach

4 Aug 2023

9 min read

Brands that are choosing to automate customer support have adopted a transformative strategy that's reshaping the way retail and ecommerce brands interact with their customers. By leveraging advanced technologies, companies can streamline their customer service processes, reduce costs, and deliver more efficient and personalised experiences.

In this post, we'll look at how customer service automation can help to elevate your operations, from providing personalised experiences and reducing costs to streamlining processes and handling high volumes of requests. We will also explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising customer interactions by offering instant responses to inbound phone calls or online queries - significantly reducing wait times.

We'll discuss ways in which customer service automation tools can help your support team manage high volumes of requests without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we'll highlight why despite all these advancements in technology; human intervention still plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional service that customers love. Starting a process to automate customer support does not mean throwing humans out of the door.

Join us as we embark on this journey to understand how automating customer service could be the game-changer for your business strategy.

Unlock the Potential of Automated Customer Support

In the digital age, businesses are continuously looking for ways to optimise processes and increase customer satisfaction - automated customer support being one such opportunity. One such avenue is through automated customer support. By utilising AI-driven automation in your customer service department, you can drastically reduce expenditure while boosting the overall experience for your customers.

The Power of Automation

Automating routine tasks not only saves time but also reduces human error. With automated responses to common queries, customers get instant assistance without any human intervention. It's like having a helpful robot on standby.

Cost Reductions Through Automation

If you automate customer support you can eliminate the need for large teams of temporary customer service agents dedicated to handling the backlog during peak periods. 56% of retail customer service teams that we surveyed increase the number of staff they hire by more than 50% during peak periods, so brands who can automate customer support – even if just a small proportion – can minimise or possibly eliminate these costs entirely.

Quality vs. Speed

Salesforce recently released a report saying that customer service leaders think that quality of response is more important than speed. But why should that be an either/or choice? When automated customer support can emulate what a human agent can do with accurate responses to certain queries, then customers will receive responses that have both quality and speed.

Finding The Right Balance: AI & Human Touch

Whilst automation has many advantages, it's essential to remember the significance of direct contact. Striking a balance between artificial intelligence and human touch creates an optimal customer experience that's efficient and personalised.

The benefits of customer service automation is that you can choose which questions receive an automated response and which get diverted to a human agent to pick up. With a Flow Builder, you can have your AI review the contents of the customer query and use logic to choose the path that customer goes down. Using analytics and feedback you can optimise this further and ensure that customers get the best option for their particular query.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with AI

By leveraging the latest advances in generative and conversational AI, businesses can take their customer service to new heights. One genius solution is to harness the power of generative and conversational AI to automate those support processes.

The Magic of Generative AI

Generative AI (the technology made famous by OpenAI and ChatGPT) can whip up content that sounds just like a human. This nifty technology can be used in chatbots or virtual assistants, so they can generate responses that are natural and captivating. With generative AI, your customers get instant replies without losing that personal touch.

Previously conversation designers would have to build set responses and after a period of time these could start to lose that human touch. With generative AI, there can be an almost responses could be almost infinite, so you have a huge range of options you can choose from.

The Wizardry of Conversational AI

Conversational AI, on the other hand, uses machine learning algorithms to understand what users really mean and the context behind their queries. It allows bots to not only respond accurately but also proactively offer solutions based on previous interactions. The result? A more personalised experience for your customers.

The Perks of Automating Customer Support Processes

  • Speedy Replies: With automated systems handling routine inquiries, response times become lightning-fast, leaving customers grinning from ear to ear.

  • Supercharged Operations: Automation lets you handle a boatload of requests simultaneously without compromising quality or efficiency.

  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Freeing up staff from repetitive tasks allows them to focus on complex issues where human intervention is most needed.

To fully revolutionize your customer service with artificial intelligence, you need strategic planning and implementation. But it's crystal clear that integrating these technologies into your business model has immense potential benefits, boosting operational efficiency and enhancing overall customer satisfaction levels.

Maximise Efficiency with Automation

In the present day retail and online shopping environment, it is essential to be efficient. Boost your operational efficiency with automated customer service. Let AI handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what really matters.

The Power of Streamlining Operations

Automating customer support processes allows you to handle more queries in less time. AI-powered systems can manage multiple interactions simultaneously, speeding up response times and ensuring no customer query goes unanswered.

Saving Time Through Reduced Manual Labour

Automation brings a significant reduction in manual labour. Let AI technology handle tasks like answering FAQs and processing simple transactions, freeing up your team members' time to focus on more complex issues that require human intervention.

Free Up Resources for Other Tasks

Automating routine tasks helps free up valuable resources within your organisation. Redirect the savings achieved through reduced manpower costs towards strategic initiatives like product development or marketing campaigns, essential for business growth.

To sum it all up: embrace automation to empower your team. Let smart algorithms handle repetitive tasks, while humans focus on what they do best. For further insights into how businesses are successfully leveraging these technologies, check out this insightful piece on the McKinsey Digital Blog.

Deliver Exceptional Experiences with AI

In today's digital age, customers expect personalised and efficient service. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the secret sauce to automated customer service. It not only improves up the customer experience but also boosts their satisfaction levels.

The Power of Personalisation

One perk of using AI in customer support is its ability to personalise interactions. By analysing data from past chats, AI can predict a customer's needs and dish out tailored responses. This personal touch makes customers feel special and understood, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Faster Response Times

Another plus of automating your customer support with AI is faster response times. With the help of chatbots or virtual assistants powered by machine learning algorithms, you can zap back answers instantly, 24/7. Your brand's reputation for responsiveness will skyrocket.

Predictive Customer Service

But wait, there's more. AI also brings predictive customer service to the table. It lets businesses anticipate issues before they even happen and take proactive measures. Thanks to advanced analytics capabilities, AI is like a fortune teller for customer service.

Maintaining Human Touchpoints

While automated systems have their perks, we can't forget the importance of human touchpoints. People need to be recognised as individuals who crave sympathy and comprehension; machines are still not able to do this, so let's make sure that the human touch remains. Machines aren't quite there yet, so let's keep the human touch alive.

Why Automation Still Requires Human Involvement

In the realm of client care, automation has revolutionized the game. However, it's crucial to remember that even with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), human involvement is still necessary. Here's why:

The Importance of Human Touch in Customer Service

While AI can handle routine queries and tasks efficiently, there are situations where human intervention becomes essential. Complex issues often require critical thinking and emotional understanding - something that AI is yet to fully master.

Maintaining Quality Control

Automated systems need regular monitoring and updating by humans to ensure they're providing accurate information and high-quality service. This involves fine-tuning workflows based on customer feedback or changes in business operations.

Fostering Trust with Customers

A blend of automated responses for quick solutions and personalised attention from real people helps foster trust among customers. It reassures them that their concerns will be addressed effectively whether through automated support systems or direct interaction with your team.

Balancing Automation & Human Support: The Key to Success

The key lies not in replacing humans entirely but rather leveraging technology like generative and conversational AI to automate repetitive tasks while leaving complex problem-solving aspects for skilled agents. Being able to automate tasks that might take agents a long time such as automatically generating return labels can improve their day-to-day job immensely.

Beyond that, taking away the stress of a mountain of unresolved tickets can improve morale and therefore improve efficiency. If each case an agent deals with means using some brain power, rather than the mundane repetitive tasks that require no thought, then it will be a considerably better experience for them. With some automated customer service this can improve things for customers and employees.

Why you should automate customer support

Starting to Automate Customer Support is a powerful process that can revolutionize your customer service game, boost efficiency, and deliver top-notch experiences. By harnessing the magic of automated support, you can streamline processes, speed up response times, and offer personalized assistance to your customers.

Going beyond basic customer service automation is essential but it is a journey. Our customer waterdrop describe going on a journey from basic automation to automation with a human touch. It's evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

With AI-powered automation, you can handle a truckload of inquiries without compromising quality or accuracy. But hey, don't forget that humans still play a vital role in the mix. Combining the wizardry of technology with the empathy and problem-solving skills of your customer service team will ensure your customers get the crème de la crème of support.