DigitalGenius AutoPilot

Full end-to-end automation of your customer support team's most repetitive and expensive tickets is finally here.

DigitalGenius AutoPilot is the first solution to enable end-to-end case resolution of your common repetitive journeys without human intervention. This frees agents to focus on higher-level conversations, while lowering the costs of your customer support operations.

Here’s How It Works

Identify Your Repetitive Tickets.
Identify Your Repetitive Tickets.

You’ll let us know which are the most repetitive, expensive tickets in your customer support team: the ones that you wish your agents didn’t have to deal with – the ones their human brains are too smart for. These can be frequent inbound queries such as Refunds, Subscription/Account Changes, Order Status Checks and many more. We’ll both determine what percentage of your volume they are, then get to work automating these incoming queries from start to finish.

Define The Back-End Systems You Use To Resolve Queries.
Define The Back-End Systems You Use To Resolve Queries.

Connect DigitalGenius to your external systems through our API-powered platform. Our Solution Engineers will happily assist you in identifying the right APIs, and will guide you through this process. We already have pre-built APIs for a number of popular back-end systems such as Shopify, Magento and more. Leverage our marketplace to immediately put the machine to work.

Train the AI Model.
Train the AI Model.

Once you’ve identified your repetitive tickets and the systems required to resolve them, it’s time to put our AI model into action. DigitalGenius learns from your historical customer service cases/tickets. How have your human agents solved these queries in the past? We use a framework called deep learning that leverages neural networks to understand customer service conversations, no matter how they’re phrased.

Switch on AutoPilot.
Switch on AutoPilot.

DigitalGenius uses AI to understand the objective of the customer, then executes a series of back-end processes to fully resolve the case without agent involvement. Watch your CSAT soar as your customers begin seeing near-instant resolution times, and enjoy the massive amounts of time returned to your customer service team’s operations for more meaningful, proactive work. You can easily count your cost savings on a per-ticket basis.


Benefits of AutoPilot

  • Reduce Customer Service Costs

    Tickets often require information and actions from multiple systems to resolve them. This can be time-consuming for agents, and costly for your business. AutoPilot automates full end-to-end resolutions across multiple systems, so you don’t have to continually hire new agents to keep up with surging volumes.

  • Delight Your Customers

    “I can’t believe how fast that was”. AutoPilot fully automates incoming tickets from start to finish, without agent interaction. Resolutions are seamlessly enabled via APIs to your own back-end systems - and customers clearly love fast responses and immediate resolutions. Just sit and watch your CSAT scores soar.

  • Unlock Critical Time in Customer Support

    Repeatable tasks are now automated. AutoPilot allows your agents to focus on solving the complex, non-repeatable cases their human brains were built for. DigitalGenius customers repeatedly say that having happier, more productive, more proactive customer support teams is one of their biggest strengths.

  • AutoPilot Integrates into the Systems You're Already Using

    AutoPilot is powered by an open API framework that connects to the third-party systems you use to make your business run.

AutoPilot Integrates into the Systems You're Already Using

AutoPilot is powered by an open API framework that connects to the third-party systems you use to make your business run.

Customer Service Ticketing Systems
Back-End Systems

Our AI-driven conversational process automation shifts the attention of agents away from repetitive, mundane work and unlocks critical time and value in customer service. As customers’ expectations continue to soar, and the number of inbound channels increases (email, chat, social media etc.), it’s no longer feasible to continue operating as customer support teams have in the past.

Maria Muniz
Head of Customer Support Course Hero company logo

"We chose DigitalGenius because we were excited about their ability to fully automate our most repetitive customer inquiry. Today DigitalGenius' AI platform is already handling 33% of all inbound customer service tickets, and over half of those are now fully resolved with zero agent involvement. It's allowing our agents to shift to a more proactive orientation. We love these results."

Briana Cahn
Student Help Manager Magoosh company logo

"In our first full week live with DigitalGenius' AutoPilot, it was already auto-resolving close to 10% of my team's ticket volume. We're now putting additional tickets on autopilot, and we expect to auto-resolve between 15-20% of my team's volume soon."

Pieter Groeneveld
Senior Vice President of Digital KLM Royal Dutch Airlines company logo

"By using artificial intelligence, KLM makes conversations with our customers even more timely, correct, and personal. This is what characterizes KLM. With the use of AI we support our service agents with technology and should be able to answer many more questions in a shorter period of time. This is exactly what the customer needs."

Fiona Vanderbroeck
Chief Traveller Officer TravelBird company logo

"DigitalGenius' AI took over repetitive administrative tasks from our agents, which led to a 30% drop in average handling time. We've been able to invest these savings into a greater focus on sales, as well as in time for more personal interactions with our travelers - and all at the same cost level as before."

Joel Beach
Director of Customer Care Imagine Learning company logo

“DigitalGenius not only improved the response time in our contact center, with customer responses now 70% faster than they were without AI, they also expanded the capacity of my team to focus on more difficult tasks, and not repetitive tickets. We actually didn’t have to hire new team members for this entire past year. Since we implemented DigitalGenius, their team has also been extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with”

Maryvonne Hassell
IT Strategy Manager AVDC

"The best thing about DigitalGenius is that the AI is continuously improving. As it develops every day, AVDC is now looking at ways of automating even further, broadening the range of questions that we can answer so as to enhance our customers’ everyday experience. We can almost directly correlate DigitalGenius technology with our people management, allowing us the flexibility to move people around the organization and to use their time in a more productive customer-focused way."

James Lemire
Director of Customer Care Soylent company logo

"We chose DigitalGenius because they were able to begin email automation shortly after integrating, in addition to immediately equipping agents with time-saving macro suggestions. The time saved has enabled us to work more closely with our agents to further refine their skills and learn about their needs. The result is efficient, quality service and higher agent morale."

Let's Put Your Customer Support on Autopilot.

Want to Learn More About DigitalGenius?

Here are a few answers to help you learn more about how to start understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers.

How do I use DigitalGenius inside my customer support operation?

DigitalGenius is installed as a layer into your existing customer service software (Salesforce, Zendesk and many others). We will take you through a thorough onboarding experience from identifying your most expensive & repetitive tickets; installing the app; and then training and deploying your first AI Model.

Once DigitalGenius is configured and the model is trained, you can onboard your agents, and begin using the tool to automate inbound queries end-to-end, reduce AHT, support increasing volumes and open up new communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and SMS.

What processes does DigitalGenius automate?

1. DigitalGenius puts your most repetitive and expensive tickets on autopilot by connecting conversations to processes, from the inbound ticket itself all the way through your backend systems via our open API framework.

2. DigitalGenius predicts and automates the meta-data tagging process, from assigning tags, case details information and routing cases to appropriate team members.

3. DigitalGenius predicts answers to incoming messages, and suggests them to agents for approval or personalization.

4. If the predicted answers fall above a certain confidence level, those responses can be automated.

What is conversational process automation, and how does it help my customer support team?

Conversational Process Automation (CPA) uses AI to connect conversations with processes.

CPA allows repetitive customer queries such as refund requests, order status inquiries, cancellations and more to be resolved in FULL, without agent involvement – even when additional third-party systems such as billing or payment processing are part of the resolution process.

This AI-driven process automation shifts the attention of agents away from repetitive, mundane work and unlocks critical time and value in your customer support function. DigitalGenius customers are seeing higher CSAT scores, better employee retention, reduced AHT and reduced costs in the contact center.

We'd love to talk with you more about it!

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