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DigitalGenius uses cutting edge AI technology to automate resolutions for your support tickets. We offer customisable integration into your systems and control over your workflows, while improving key performance metrics, like CSAT and FRT.

1,000,000+messages processed each month

22languages live

99%+AI Accuracy Level

Full Automation

Our fully automated solution enables end-to-end case resolution of your common repetitive journeys without human intervention.

Service Costs

Delight Your
Customers and
Boost Customer

Unlock Critical
Time in Customer

Digital Genius
Integrates into the
Systems You're
Already Using

AI Model Management

We connect with your Customer Service Console & CRM to extract data, then train a neural network on your own historical customer service transcripts. Our AI can then recognize how best to resolve queries, from tagging and routing cases, to understanding the best answer in context.

Next, you’ll build out a process map so our platform can begin solving your most simple, repetitive tickets – even across third party systems. This is where you help pilot those processes, and watch how they get even better over time.

Flow Builder

Ready to automate your tickets end-to-end, without any agent involvement? Then you’re ready for Flow Builder. This is where you truly connect your incoming customer conversations with processes. Construct, visualize and continuously improve the repetitive customer journeys you’ve built. Test new actions and see their outcomes.

Detailed Analytics

How many cases are being resolved? How much money is being saved? How many resolutions are partial, and how many are fully end-to-end? Our platform provides a real-time “health check” of your DigitalGenius implementation, giving you the insights needed to improve resolutions.

Automation Dashboard

You can upload macros and templates, manage intent training, and accelerate learning to rapidly increase prediction accuracy and resolution rates.

Agent Guided Automation

Automation on training wheels. DigitalGenius will send its recommended responses and resolutions to your agents for their approval before responding to your customers. Our AI also learns from every agent interaction, so it gets smarter over time. Our agent-guided solution increases agent capacity by up to 70%.

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

Automate Repetitive Questions

Streamline Agent Knowledge

Improve Employee & Customer Satisfaction

Human+AI(TM) Resolutions

DigitalGenius’s Guided Automation product provides step-by-step resolution guidance directly on the agent’s screen.
A selection of suggested actions and suggested responses are displayed within the agent’s dashboard, allowing them to reach resolution in the most efficient manner. As a result of this process, agent capacity is increased by up to 30%.

Guided Automation can take customer service beyond resolving a customer query, too. Upon successful resolution, an agent can be guided to continue interactions with the customer to increase revenue or further increase retention, – all within the same interface.

Ultimate Confidence

For cases where full automation is not appropriate, such as issuing a million dollar order form, our Guided Automation product incorporates an agent approval workflow before any communication is sent to the end user.

AI Model Training

Digital Genius connects with your Customer Service Console & CRM to extract data, then trains a neural network on your own historical customer service transcripts. The AI model learns how your best agents deliver fast, accurate customer replies and how they tag or route incoming cases.

Human+AI Routing

When a support ticket is received, our model predicts the relevant meta-data, such as tags and other case details, which can be used for automatic case routing and case classification. Cases are then routed to the most appropriate support agent.

Intelligent Automation

Our technology sits at the crossroads between AI and RPA. These are systems that are great alone, but remarkable together. Combining both intelligent and process-driven automation systems gives us the capability to drive significant efficiencies.

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