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Combine the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver on increasing customer expectations.

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Automatically fill Case Data & Suggest Answers

We believe agents should spend time offering a personalized customer experience instead of doing menial, repetitive tasks. That's why we train our AI to predict case meta-data & suggest or automate answers. This saves valuable time and improves accuracy every time you receive a new message.

Seamless integration with your Communication Channels & CRM

The Power of Human+AI

Our approach allows the machine to do what it does best, unlocking valuable time for human agents to create genuine experiences for customers, across multiple channels.

Human+AI Benefits

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

DigitalGenius rapidly classifies tickets and customer support requests. By placing messages in the right categories and routing them to the right team, DigitalGenius can increase agent capacity by ~30%. In addition, the AI learns from every agent interaction, so it gets smarter over time.

Automate Repetitive Questions

DigitalGenius will automatically respond to repetitive questions, allowing you to support service disruptions and unexpected volume spikes.

Streamline Your Knowledge

DigitalGenius suggests the right answers to your agents, so they no longer have to search through templates or knowledge articles. And of course, no more copy-pasting from word documents.

Improve Employee & Customer Satisfaction

With DigitalGenius, agents can delegate routine tasks, reduce strain, and concentrate on offering the best experience to customers.

How It Works

AI Model Training

We connect with your Customer Service Console & CRM to extract data and train a neural network on your own historical customer service transcripts. The AI model learns how your best agents deliver fast, accurate customer replies and correctly tag or route incoming cases.

Predictive Case Intelligence

When a message comes in, our model will predict the relevant meta-data about the case, such as tags and other case details. This function can also route cases to the most appropriate team members.

Human+AI™ Question Answering

When a new message comes in via Email, Social Media, Mobile Messaging or Live Chat, DigitalGenius suggests the best answer to the agent. If the prediction falls above a certain confidence level, the answer will be automated.

Use Cases for DigitalGenius Human+AI

Tagging, Categorization & Routing

An agent receives a message and has to manually assign numerous tags and case details. DigitaIGenius automatically predicts all case meta-data recovering valuable time with every interaction.

AI Answer Suggestion

When an agent receives a message on Email, Chat, Mobile Messaging or Social Media, DigitalGenius analyzes it and suggests the best answer. The agent can approve this prompt or personalize it as needed. The model gets better from each agent interaction.

Self-Service & Automation

DigitalGenius analyzes the content of an incoming message and, if the suggested response is above a set confidence threshold, then the AI sends an automatic reply to the customer. Use the slider below to see how it works:

Automation Threshold

Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of hype today about chatbots, deep learning and AI. Having deployed scalable products across the entire spectrum, we understood the benefits and limitations of each technology. And built a product that brings together the best of deep learning research, chatbot interfaces and Human+AI experiences for customer service.


Fully automated conversational experiences via SMS, Live Chat, Twitter & Facebook Messenger.

Used to: Retrieve customer information; Respond to repetitive questions; Offset unexpected volume spikes

Human+AI Product

A seamless combination of human & machine intelligence to create amazing experiences for customers.

Used to: Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT); Continuously train AI models

Applied AI Research

Cutting-edge research & practical applications of deep learning for business.

Used to: Productize deep learning applications; Optimize models for customer service operations

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Integration Overview

+ Add your platform

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Backed by Salesforce Ventures, DigitalGenius enables contact centers to reduce AHT and have more meaningful conversations with customers. The Human+AI Customer Service platform integrates into your existing Service Cloud Console. Find out more about our Salesforce Integration here.

Zendesk App

Human+AI enables agents using Zendesk to deliver accurate and timely information to their customers, while reducing overall internal & external resource load. We integrate directly with your Zendesk environment and can automate chat shortcuts, ticket tagging, routing, live chat and macros. The DigitalGenius App is now available in the Zendesk App Marketplace. Find out more about our Zendesk Support App and our Zendesk Chat App.

Oracle CRM Integration

DigitalGenius integrates a layer of intelligence inside Oracle to improve agent efficiency by Auto-tagging incoming messages & Suggesting Responses to agents. This enables Customer Service teams to scale organically by supporting increasing volumes with automation to achieve better CSAT & ESAT scores.

Coming Soon!

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"We want to better serve our travelers every day, which means quick response times for traveller queries and personalized service. With our partnership with DigitalGenius, we let computers do what they do best and leave the work involving real human connection to our experts.”

"When Magoosh implemented an A.I. system in February to help its customer service team work more efficiently, Ms. Seiwert noticed that it was reading the questions and suggesting responses. (...) Ms. Seiwert said the software has reduced Magoosh’s queue of customer requests by half, and it has made her team’s goal of responding to every customer within 24 hours more manageable.”

"We were very impressed with the DigitalGenius pitch, professionalism and technology. For a young company, they have grown rather quickly and achieved great traction in the market, which gives us confidence. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service, and piloting their AI platform allows us to explore improving response times to queries.”

"DigitalGenius helps companies seamlessly combine the best of human and machine intelligence so they can provide high-quality customer service.”

"Next time you engage with your favorite brand and don’t have to suffer through a pre-programmed, un-helpful robot, there’s a good chance a platform like DigitalGenius is at play.”

"By leveraging DigitalGenius on the Salesforce AppExchange, companies can tap into the practical power of artificial intelligence to reinforce and scale their customer service operation into the future.”

"Bots may be cool, but DigitalGenius, a former TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist, thinks there’s a better way using artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform customer service.”

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Transforms Social Customer Service with AI

Every week KLM receives over 130,000 mentions via social media. This number has grown since the introduction of WhatsApp as a service channel. A dedicated team of 250 social media service agents personally engages in 30,000 conversations in 10 different languages every week. On average, conversations consist of 5 or 6 questions and answers between KLM and its customers.

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Aylesbury Vale District Council Uses Artificial Intelligence to Lower Response Times and Costs

As part of its Connected Knowledge programme, Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has implemented DigitalGenius in Salesforce ServiceCloud to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its customer service operation.

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Joybird gains greater efficiency in customer service with AI

Joybird was able to empower their customer service team to quickly repond to customer inquiries by using more macros and not having to manually tag tickets. Macro usage alone increased by 215%, providing customers with more consistent and timely responses.

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TravelBird Adopts AI to Refine Customer Service

TravelBird brings you the best holiday experiences, both for short breaks and international get-aways. They make a personalised selection of offers to bring you the perfect travel experience. Their aim is to make travellers discover something new through various holiday proposals, whilst their range of choices will also help you immerse into new cultures.

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Magoosh upgrades customer service with AI in Zendesk

By adding DigitalGenius Human+AI™ to their Zendesk agent interface Magoosh was able to augment their customer service experience and increase the efficiency of both their Community Support and distributed Remote Tutors teams.

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Blending AI with Human Support

The future of work and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the workforce has been a hot topic lately. The publicity has been a bit unsettling, though, given the tendency to couple the acronym AI with the word “replace”—as in “AI Will Replace Half of All Jobs in the Next Decade” or “Could AI Replace Teachers, Lawyers, Drivers, Doctors, [fill in your job]?”

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Supercharge your customer service

with Human+AI

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, we prepared a list of questions to help you learn more about our product and our company.

How do I use DigitalGenius inside my contact center operation?

DigitalGenius is installed as a layer into your existing customer service software (Salesforce, Zendesk, etc). We will take you through an onboarding experience from installing the app, to training and deploying your first AI Model. Once the app is configured and the model is trained, you can onboard your agents, and begin using the tool to reduce AHT, support increasing volumes and open up new communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and SMS.

What processes does DigitalGenius automate?

1. DigitalGenius predicts and automates the meta-data tagging process, from assigning tags, case details information and routing cases to appropriate team members.

2. DigitalGenius predicts answers to incoming messages, and suggests them to agents for approval or personalization.

3. If the predicted answers fall above a certain confidence level, those responses can be automated.

How safe is the customer data?

DigitalGenius has developed and implemented policies and technologies to ensure that confidential data is protected and managed securely. DigitalGenius applications are compliant with The US Data Protection Act and other similar international, regional and local legislation.

Your personal information will remain private.

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