Preparing Your Team to Work with AI-Powered Customer Service Automation

Published 14 November 2019

5 min read

Preparing Your Team to Work with AI-Powered Customer Service Automation


As AI grows in popularity, and true end-to-end automation becomes a reality, customer support teams – and their leaders – have started to speculate: Will AI take our jobs? How can we prepare ourselves to work with AI? 

This brand-new Guide looks at how to best train and support your customer service team to incorporate AI-powered tools that enhance both the customer and the agent experience. 

It includes real on-the-ground case studies from customer service experts, who explore the best practices they’ve seen in training agents for the new world of customer support automation. They’ll provide tips and ideas based on their extensive collective experience in helping agents work with AI, with many examples they’ve seen in the field of how to make it work not only for your customers, but for the agents serving those customers.

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