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Customer service is now a competitive differentiator for manufacturers. Here’s how DigitalGenius boosts CSAT and reduces costs with AI-powered case intelligence and end-to-end case resolution.

Streamline Your Customer Service Today.

If you’ve felt crippled by poor data, antiquated systems and slow customer service processes, you’re not alone. Yet businesses who aren’t building strong relationships with their customers at scale these days are falling behind.
DigitalGenius builds and deepens those relationships & helps to drive new sales, renewals and new revenue models.

New Order Booking

DigitalGenius can automatically accept and validate new orders or invoices, submitted via email or any other text-based communication channel. This solution saves dozens of clicks per new order and frees up valuable agent time by automatically interacting with multiple ERP systems, while delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Pricing & Availability

DigitalGenius is able to pull customer specific pricing or inventory information from back office systems and immediately reply to the customer, while at the same time flagging the inquiry to sales for further attention.

Order Status

DigitalGenius uses AI to recognize the intent of the message, and by querying third party order systems can respond automatically to customers with up-to-date order status.

Case Routing

DigitalGenius uses AI to classify cases automatically, which are then prioritized and if necessary routed to the right department and specialist. This saves agents time, and ensures that the customer wait time goes down, especially for important requests.

How DigitalGenius Works

Featured Case Study

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