Delight Your Ecommerce & Retail Customers with AI

Keeping up with customers, and ensuring they get the best experience across all channels, is critical for Ecommerce & Retail businesses. Here’s how you can raise CSAT and guarantee a one-touch resolution.

Scale Your Business, While We Automate Resolutions.

Market leaders are successfully meeting customers on preferred channels, providing an omnichannel experience, while raising basket sizes, the number of repeat shoppers and promoters.

If you’re also trying to join up customer experience across channels and stores, but are struggling to scale, don’t despair. DigitalGenius can leverage AI to build an omnichannel experience, enabling immediate and consistent resolution across communication channels, with up to 80% greater speed and accuracy than a human agent.

Order Status

DigitalGenius AI can understand the customer inquiry and immediately auto-reply with an enriched response containing up-to-date order information. This eliminates a redundant query for agents, and makes the customer experience more convenient.

Refunds & Returns

DigitalGenius can follow business rules for refunds & returns, and for existing requests provide immediate reimbursement status. This allows customers to take action on their terms, and have the peace of mind that their refund will be imminent; creating an effortless experience.

Order Cancellation

DigitalGenius can instantly consult third-party order management systems, and execute the customer’s request if possible. With instant response and action, the customer experience is seamless, the business minimizes losses and agents’ time is freed.

Loyalty Points

DigitalGenius can immediately send a reply enriched with up to date loyalty account information for an effortless customer experience, using AI to first read the customer message and subsequently pull relevant information from loyalty systems.

How DigitalGenius Works

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Founded in 1992, The Perfume Shop is the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer, with over 260 stores nationwide. They sell all major designer fragrance brands, as well as classic and celebrity perfumes with... Read More

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