Transforming Customer Service with Practical AI

We’ve been delighting our customers – and their customers – with practical, useful, real-world, cost-saving AI since we were founded in 2013.

Our vision is to make customer service seamless.

Ever since our inception in 2013, DigitalGenius is helping businesses automate resolutions for their customers. Businesses across many industries use our software to turn customer service into their competitive advantage.

Defining the future of customer support

We believe that customer support should be instant, accurate and cost-efficient. Digital Genius uses cutting edge AI technology to automate resolutions for your support tickets. The platform allows for customisable integration into your existing systems and control over your workflows, while tangibly improving key performance metrics, like CSAT and FRT.

Deep expertise with complex use cases

Since our Day-1, DigitalGenius is helping some of the world’s largest companies solve their most complex customer service journey. Our first three customers – BMW, Panasonic, and Tier-1 Bank – defined our approach

Build the future of customer support

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