Imagine Learning Reduces Customer Service Handling Time By 70% With DigitalGenius

After only six months, 90% of Imagine Learning cases were automatically predicted and classified by DigitalGenius - giving their agents more time to respond to complex queries.

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Imagine Learning



AI Platform for Customer Service

"DigitalGenius not only improved the efficiency of our contact center, with customer responses now 70% faster than they were without AI, they also expanded the capacity of my team to focus on more difficult tasks, and not repetitive tickets. We actually didn’t have to hire new team members for this entire past year. Since we implemented DigitalGenius, their team has also been extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with"
Joel Beach
Director of Customer Care
Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is a Provo, Utah-based educational technology company founded in 2004 that serves students for whom traditional teaching is not effective. Hundreds of thousands of students benefit from Imagine Learning, an award-winning provider of educational software. By participating in an Imagine Learning program, all students, pre-K and up, are empowered to gain the skills they need to succeed – not just in school, but also in life.

The Challenge

Imagine Learning’s continuous growth has attracted an increasing number of partners, teachers and students, leading to challenges to scale effectively within the company’s customer support department. The traditional scholastic year accentuates this scaling challenge by making support demands very seasonal, negating traditional solutions such as adding staff to the support team.

The ability to find a technological solution that would help Imagine Learning manage their growing business, while also offering the highest levels of customer support to their clients, quickly became paramount.

Finally, an increasing number of “how-to” and repetitive questions coming in via new channels (such as online chat and email) presented an excellent business case for the deployment of an artificial intelligence-based customer service solution.

The Results

By implementing DigitalGenius into their Zendesk agent interface, Imagine Learning has been able to significantly reduce the average time spent per ticket when using AI.

The results after only 6 months showed that DigitalGenius AI performs with an average accuracy of 90% in field prediction, which saves agents’ time by reducing valuable time spent tagging/filling in multiple ticket fields. This in turn allows agents to spend more time resolving more complex tickets.

Cases resolved with the help of AI are now answered 70% faster than prior to the DigitalGenius implementation, a significant drop in the key contact center metric of AHT (average handling time). At the same time, customer preferences for a variety of support channels are rapidly increasing. At Imagine Learning, web chat is becoming more popular with customers, as chat is more conversational and demands faster replies from agents.

As the AI keeps learning with every interaction, further automations are planned that will continue driving efficiencies across the company’s customer service.

"DigitalGenius is a very easy tool to work with, especially given that the macros we need for the issue at hand are always suggested. The Field Predictions and their high accuracy help us facilitate the more repetitive parts of our job, and I like how a lot of the ticket fields are usually auto-populated. Overall, both of these features are usually very accurate"
Josh Needles
Customer Care Support
Imagine Learning


Let's Put Your Customer Support on Autopilot.

Want to Learn More About DigitalGenius?

Here are a few answers to help you learn more about how to start understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers.

How do I use DigitalGenius inside my customer support operation?

DigitalGenius is installed as a layer into your existing customer service software (Salesforce, Zendesk and many others). We will take you through a thorough onboarding experience from identifying your most expensive & repetitive tickets; installing the app; and then training and deploying your first AI Model.

Once DigitalGenius is configured and the model is trained, you can onboard your agents, and begin using the tool to automate inbound queries end-to-end, reduce AHT, support increasing volumes and open up new communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and SMS.

What processes does DigitalGenius automate?

1. DigitalGenius puts your most repetitive and expensive tickets on autopilot by connecting conversations to processes, from the inbound ticket itself all the way through your backend systems via our open API framework.

2. DigitalGenius predicts and automates the meta-data tagging process, from assigning tags, case details information and routing cases to appropriate team members.

3. DigitalGenius predicts answers to incoming messages, and suggests them to agents for approval or personalization.

4. If the predicted answers fall above a certain confidence level, those responses can be automated.

What is conversational process automation, and how does it help my customer support team?

Conversational Process Automation (CPA) uses AI to connect conversations with processes.

CPA allows repetitive customer queries such as refund requests, order status inquiries, cancellations and more to be resolved in FULL, without agent involvement – even when additional third-party systems such as billing or payment processing are part of the resolution process.

This AI-driven process automation shifts the attention of agents away from repetitive, mundane work and unlocks critical time and value in your customer support function. DigitalGenius customers are seeing higher CSAT scores, better employee retention, reduced AHT and reduced costs in the contact center.

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