Course Hero Resolves 20% of Support Tickets by Putting them on Autopilot with DigitalGenius

In the first 90 days, 20% of support tickets were fully resolved end-to-end using DigitalGenius’ AutoPilot, saving thousands of dollars per month

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AI Platform for Customer Service

"We chose DigitalGenius because we were excited about their ability to fully automate our most repetitive customer inquiry. Today DigitalGenius’ AI platform is already handing 33% of all inbound customer service tickets, and over half of those are now fully resolved with zero agent involvement. It’s allowing our agents to shift to a more proactive orientation. We love these results."
Maria Muniz
Head of Customer Support
Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning library where members can access over 20 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators. The platform contains practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for every subject students are studying – from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between. Course Hero is based in Redwood City, California and has been recognized as one of the 2017 Technology Fast 500 by Deloitte.

The Challenge

The traditional seasonal student calendar, as well as Course Hero’s continuous growth, led to challenges within the company’s customer support department. Traditional solutions, such as adding more staff to the support team to cope with more traffic, were discarded due to lack of scalability and cost. Course Hero has been able to build a thriving online business that serves millions of students, while keeping a relatively small customer support team.

Course Hero were not merely looking for an AI tool that could respond to customer inquiries quickly, but a solution that could also automate time-consuming processes that are inherently part of the customer journey. Subscription renewals and billing inquiries are the types of tasks that are typically handled outside of a customer support interface, in a third-party system. These repetitive but expensive multi-system tickets contribute to longer Average Handling Times and lower CSAT scores. The company turned to DigitalGenius for help.

The Results

By implementing DigitalGenius into their Zendesk agent interface and backend systems, Course Hero has been able to significantly improve their key customer service metrics and save thousands of dollars per month in the process. DigitalGenius’ Autopilot not only helps the support team by automatically answering customer inquiries, it also automates and executes repetitive processes with a proprietary technology called Conversational Process Automation, or CPA.

Results show that 33% of all inbound customer service tickets are now handled by DigitalGenius, with over half of those fully resolved without a support agent being involved. These results allow the Course Hero support team to have more time available to solve complex tickets, and to have a more proactive approach to customer service while also saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Automated responses by the DigitalGenius AI also receive praise by numerous happy customers when writing their CSAT comments. The speed and effectiveness of the service are commonly highlighted, and Course Hero today shows a very healthy 90% CSAT.

"Amazing support system, I put in an email request at 11:22pm when most customer services are closed and within 1 minute (yes that’s not a typo- 1 minute!) they responded and handled my entire issue. Best and fastest customer service I’ve ever dealt with."
Customer Feedback Survey
Course Hero

Let's Put Your Customer Support on Autopilot.

Want to Learn More About DigitalGenius?

Here are a few answers to help you learn more about how to start understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting your customers.

How do I use DigitalGenius inside my customer support operation?

DigitalGenius is installed as a layer into your existing customer service software (Salesforce, Zendesk and many others). We will take you through a thorough onboarding experience from identifying your most expensive & repetitive tickets; installing the app; and then training and deploying your first AI Model.

Once DigitalGenius is configured and the model is trained, you can onboard your agents, and begin using the tool to automate inbound queries end-to-end, reduce AHT, support increasing volumes and open up new communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and SMS.

What processes does DigitalGenius automate?

1. DigitalGenius puts your most repetitive and expensive tickets on autopilot by connecting conversations to processes, from the inbound ticket itself all the way through your backend systems via our open API framework.

2. DigitalGenius predicts and automates the meta-data tagging process, from assigning tags, case details information and routing cases to appropriate team members.

3. DigitalGenius predicts answers to incoming messages, and suggests them to agents for approval or personalization.

4. If the predicted answers fall above a certain confidence level, those responses can be automated.

What is conversational process automation, and how does it help my customer support team?

Conversational Process Automation (CPA) uses AI to connect conversations with processes.

CPA allows repetitive customer queries such as refund requests, order status inquiries, cancellations and more to be resolved in FULL, without agent involvement – even when additional third-party systems such as billing or payment processing are part of the resolution process.

This AI-driven process automation shifts the attention of agents away from repetitive, mundane work and unlocks critical time and value in your customer support function. DigitalGenius customers are seeing higher CSAT scores, better employee retention, reduced AHT and reduced costs in the contact center.

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