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20% of their tickets within 3 months of launching with DigitalGenius

Since implementing DigitalGenius, Brooks Brothers has reduced response times, full resolution times, and freed up agents to spend time on more complex cases.


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Brooks Brothers Mission

Brooks Brothers is an American icon, the oldest men’s clothier in the United States and is headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.



With physical stores closed, online sales increased exponentially. Contact center agents were swamped and couldn’t deal with the increasing volume of incoming tickets.


Fulfilment difficulties and delays at the warehouse meant customers had to wait longer than normal, increasing the challenge even further.


Ultimately, Brooks Brothers wanted to offer a high quality of service to their customers without needing to grow their team.
DigitalGenius uses it’s AI model to identify cases related to Order Status, Returns, Exchanges, Edit Order, Cancel Order, Missing Item, and Warranty requests incorporating Brooks Brother’s business logic within the DigitalGenius process builder. This includes using DigitalGenius pre-built integrations with Shopify and various international carriers around the world.
Through the first few weeks of the project the Brooks Brothers team built standardised processes for each use case which could then be customized for each of the other local markets. This is easily done using the DigitalGenius process builder user interface.


Automated Responses


of all incoming inquiries were resolved without human intervention.

Fast Resolution Time


Over half of all customer cases are resolved in less than a day, even during seasonal volume spikes.

Decreased Reply Time


Overall Average First Reply Time has dropped by 25%, with many customers receiving answers in seconds.

Change Order Requests


of Change Order Requests Automated

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