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With DigitalGenius, you can unify data from multiple sources and rapidly resolve repetitive queries at scale, whether it’s flight changes, booking cancellations or refunds. Automated resolutions solve customer’s challenges seamlessly, regardless of channel or where customers are in the journey.

Booking Cancellations

DigitalGenius AI can read and understand customer cancellation requests. With an instant reply and next steps provided, travelers are able to resume their journey with ease.


How many cases are being resolved? How much money is being saved? How many resolutions are partial, and how many are fully end-to-end? Our platform provides a real-time “health check” of your DigitalGenius implementation, giving you the insights needed to improve resolutions.


DigitalGenius is able to automatically prioritise cases. By ensuring faster response times to the most sensitive requests, and cutting out manual categorization work, DigitalGenius helps connect the right resource to the customer, ensuring their journey can resume as rapidly as possible.

Loyalty Points

Using AI, DigitalGenius can access internal loyalty systems. With an instant reply, the purchase journey of the traveler is made seamless, whilst removing low value and mundane work for customer service agents

Cargo Management

DigitalGenius uses AI to recognize the intent of the message, and by querying third party order systems can respond automatically to customers with an up-to-date order status, delivering major time savings for customers and agents.

How DigitalGenius Works

Featured Case Study

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